Hail Damage?

What is HAIL? Hailstones are chunks of ice produced by the turbulent updrafts of thunderstorms. The hailstones vary in size, shape, and hardness. The damage they cause to your property are determined by those factors.  What is considered roof damage? Damage occurs when the reduction in water-shedding ability is deminished or if the expected service  life is shortened. The damage is immediate either thru bruising or fracturing. Bruising causes granular loss and matt exposure. Fracturing is when your shingle is actually broken thru from the hailstone. 
Hail impact-caused marks on your roof and its surrounding have various sizes, shapes, and depths. The larger the hail, typically the fewer and farther apart the hailstones fall. Since the pattern of hail-fall is random, their impact marks are widely distributed. Having a trained professional inspect your roof is important. But what's even more important is hiring a company who specializes in this type of work. It can make a difference in whether or not all your roof components are replaced. So don't wait! Call Colonial Roofing Systems today for a free inspection!