The Claim Process.
Should you file a claim for storm damage, it's important to have an expeirenced storm restoration contractor on your side. Insurance adjusters jobs are to limit financial exposure for the insurance company. This means your claim will be either denied, or the replacement value will be reduced. Our job is to make sure legitimate claims are processed, and you the homeowner are made whole. That means all componets for your roof are replaced . This is where we come in. Colonial Roofing Systems is a leader is storm restoration mitigation. We work hard so you don't have to.
How is Colonial Roofing Systems different from other contractors? Our inspectors have gone thru training with Haag Engineering Co. What is Haag? Haag is an insurance industry owned engineering firm that specializes in damage assessment. They set the standard for what is and what is not hail damage. Haag Engineering Co. believes each roof must be inspected by certified individuals. Whats it mean to be certified? It means we are able to determine the extent of damage, failure analysis, and repair options. It also means, an insurance adjuster knows having this certification, means we can't be mislead into an unfair settlement for your damaged property. Having Colonial Roofing Systems on your side is paramount to this end. Why would you not want all the items replaced on your roof? If the insurance company has its way, that's exactly what you're gonna get. We know this, because we deal with this every day. So call Colonial Roofing Systems today for a no obligation inspection today.